Chindia Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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State Grid Corporation (India) Office

Huawei Telecommunications (India)

ZTE India

Steel India Limited

China Shipping India Limited

Dongfang Electric Engineering India Headquarters

Shandong Electric Power Construction Company

China International Airlines Delhi Sales Department

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Mumbai Branch

China Minmetals India Office

BYD Electronics India Ltd.

China Eastern Airlines India representative office 

National Development Bank India Office

Harbin Electric Group India Office

Haier Electronics India

Liugong India Heavy Industry India Company

Indian steel company

China Telecom India representative

China Southern Airlines Company Limited, India

China Water Power Group Company India Office

China Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Urban Construction International Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

Harbin Boiler Factory

SAIC-GM joint venture in India

Shougang India Ltd

Gezhouba Group

China Railway 14th Construction Bureau Co Ltd

Jiangsu Overseas Group

Panzhihua Guanghua Group


Media Xinhua Group

Baogang Group

Wuhan Posts and Telecommunications Research Institute 

Shandong Electric Power Construction Corporation

Shandong Yantai Sheng ho Company

South Asia Investment consulting firm 

Tiens Group

Yuncheng Engraving

Yantai Moon

Hubei Electric Power Construction

Shanghai Liangxin Electric Company

Forleda Surveying and Mapping

Aokang Group

Hong Kong pure Global Co., Ltd.

The Hopewell international freight forwarders

Shenzhen Launch Tech

Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company

Tongmao International India Limited

Maipu Communication

Polar Transmission

Shenyang Yuanda Aluminium Industry Engineering

Shanghai Hitachi Electrical Appliances

China South Locomotive Group (Hunan)

Changzhou Wujin Feng Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.

Angang India Ltd

Central Southern China Electric Power Design Institute

Long Jian Road and Bridge Co

Shanghai Electric San luan Group Yantai

Shenzhen Precision Instrument Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Sunshine Group

Northwest Electric Power Construction

China National Biotec Group Company

Sichuan Machine

Jianghe Curtains 

Guangdong Kin Long Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

Du an Environments

Yapp Automotive Parts (Chennai)

The Zhe Jiang Jinfei Machinery Group Company

Harbin Coslight Battery CO., LTD.

Zoomlion India Company

Dongxin and Smart Card Corporation (Delhi)

The Zhe Jiang Jiangjie Adhesives Limited

Shenzhen high-tech stock company (Chennai)

Jiangsu Transportation Engineering Corporation Project (India) Private Limited

BAK Battery, Inc.

CHANGLIN India Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shandong Power Construction Company

Uni-top Group

Heidelberg Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

The CSTC Card Technology Pte Ltd

Wolong Electric Group

TBEA Group

Shanghai Baijin Group

China Power Equipment Group

Feida Group

Pinggao Group

The Shandong Source and Power Plant Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

Henan Xianghe  Aluminium Co Ltd

Dongfang Electronics

Longtel technology

Hong Kong Aviation Co

Shandong FIN CNC Machine Co Ltd

Jinan Liaoyuan Machine Co Ltd

Xinhua News Agency

Wen Wei News 

State Nuclear Electric Power Design Institute

India Home

Sino pharma International

Sanya Holiday Travels India Pvt Ltd

Nanjing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., India Office