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Why does the chamber provide IT services?

Having a good IT platform is one of the main important hallmarks of regularization. Most of the customers base their first criterion on the size of the company. Don’t believe? In our daily life, the number of times we exchange our business cards with the customers, simultaneously they also have a look at your mailbox such as yahoo/hotmail/ gmail even some others such as 126/163 or qq, their first reaction would be that the size of the company is small, secondly since you don’t own any domain, you might end up losing your future customers. In simple words, you sweep your business cards ones, your business may fall to half. This is a true portrayal of India based companies.

Many companies feel that establishment of a modern IT platform will add to a lot of cost, but it’s not the case. IT services that are provided by the chamber of commerce is focused on the three most important IT standards of a modern enterprises: website construction, enterprise mailbox, and enterprise IT services which include business contacts and corporate network disks. These services can not only improve the efficiency of your business but can also enhance the intuitive judgment of customers towards your business without any increase in the cost.

Specific IT services are as follows:

1) Official Website Service:

In the high speed era of internet development, official websites are one of the most important and necessary communication channels for an enterprize to reach out to its customers.

Small and medium sized enterprises involve no efforts in developing their  websites, through our service,we can help you quickly build a website to give the                                  customers a more intuitive and more detailed understanding of your products and solutions in India.

Firstly, the chamber of commerce will help you register a domain name of your choice(such as .com,, usually for $10 a year. Then the chamber of commerce according to the information provided will build a website within five working days.


 Sn Services Service Fees
 1 Domain Name Registration Domain registration price ($10-15)+ Rs 500 Service Charge
 2 Site Building Fees Rs 5000.00
3  Site Building page Fees Rs 100/Page

2) E-Mail and other corporate IT Services:

Having a Mailbox at the end of the company name (name@corporate is undoubtedly the best way to prove the scale of the company. Specially, this way is  great because of its low cost. The only thing you need to do is to choose the name of your company,we will provide you with the construction of a complete set of essential IT services including enterprise mail, enterprise directory and enterprise network disks.

For example, your company name is abcdefg, initially,we will help you to purchase a domain name such as or on the availability),and then help you create a mail platform by the name of All your staff can then start using the platform which we will link to your existing mail platform to ensure uninterrupted work. Our chamber can also provide you with specialized corporate contacts and enterprise network disk service.

 SnServices  Service Fees
1  Domain Name RegistrationDomain registration Price($10-15)+Rs 500 Service Charge 
 2.1 E-Mail Platform( Less than 200 Accounts) Rs 5000.00
 2.2 E-Mail Platform(More than 200 accounts) Discussed Separately
 3 Corporate Contacts,Enterprise Network Drive Rs 500.00( Based on select mailbox platforms)