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Why does the Chamber provide recruitment information platform?

More and More Chinese companies are now entering India for different purpose such as market research, or to establish sales channels, to create brand awareness, for localized production and so on. In order to complete such system of professional work, talent selection becomes a key factor.Majority of Chinese companies have entered the Indian market recently and are have not set up a local human resource center, most of them do not have an Indian staff professional channels. Therefore, the chamber of commerce has set up a job recruitment services for Chinese companies in India and for people who have either been a part of the Chinese company or is a fluent speaker of chinese language such as reading, writing and speaking capability or other resource in the field of sales, tax, legal, human resource, administrative and field personnel. Using such platform, companies can quickly start business to communicate with customers, partners, local government and other stake holders in a more efficient manner.

Platform use process and instructions:

1. Job Category: We welcome job seekers to contact us with their CV and other important documents, we will regularly update you with the latest job openings, if the job matches your profile, we will arrange the job interviews for you;Indians who have worked or done internship in a Chinese company, Indians who have knowledge of Chinese language or have studied in China, also for Chinese who have work experience in India or for chinese students in India. 

2. Recruitment Category: Companies interested in recruitment can provide us with their job status information such as number of applicants, place of work, job requirements, and skill information through phone call or mail, after receiving the necessary information, after meeting your job requirements, we will contact you as soon as possible with the right job seeker and help in arrangements for the interview.


In the voluntary principles of equality among the two parties, if the recruitment unit agrees to hire the job seeker, a referral fee will be charged to the association, the rates will be according to the job seekers monthly wage( salary amounts fixed by both sides to be discussed on their own), the time for payment of the fees will within the month of the job applicant entering the practice or starting work.

Current Job Information:

 S.No Company Industry Post  Requirements
 a001 Certain Companies Power Chinese Translation  Fluent in Chinese,Possess translation skills.