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Why does the chamber provide Media Services?

The Media is a necessary tool for the company for the commercial development of communication associated with the interests of customers, government, investors and industry. By making good use of the media, the company can get better marketing, expand awareness , brand image and influence decision making. Most chinese companies in India regardless of the size do not have a fixed PR team.  The chamber of commerce provide its members with a specially designed media services for the newspapers in India and China. THe chamber can also help in providing a public relations department to enjoy convenient media services. The media services provided are as follows:

Specific Media services and Description:

 Sn Media services Media ConsultationChinese-English Translation Professional 
Publishing Newspapers Total
 1 English news Direct Publishing
 N/A N/A Free N/A Free
2  Chinese news publishing after translation Free Rs 1000 N/A Free N/ARs 1000 
 3 Chinese news Direct publishing after translation Free Free Rs 2000 FreeN/A  Rs 2000
 4Newspaper Release  Free Free Free Free Discussed Seperately

1. Media Consultation: Members of the press release during the start of a new campaign, the chamber of  commerce can provide media publicity and can also give guidance, this service is free for charge provided its only limited to 60 minutes.

2. Chinese - English translation:  The chamber can also provide services for translation of papers from Chinese to English, the members can provide us with the chinese version of the press release. The charges for this service will be Rs 1000/ Article. The press release is generally in an A4 size format.