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Resources International Private Limited


Resources International Pvt. Ltd, Importers & Suppliers of Premium Seafood, Coldcuts and Raw Meats, established in New Delhi, India.

We have been serving all Hotels, Restaurants. Embassies, High Commissions, Clubs, Foundations & Communities in Delhi and Pan India with our Products since over a decade now.

The Aim is to satisfy the needs of the Expat Community and the Hospitality Industry across the country.

Product Range:

Our Product Range covers:

- Seafood - Salmon Fillet, Smoked Salmon, Seabass, Basa, Scallops, Trout

- Seafood - Caviars, Salmon Caviar, Black Caviar 

- Premium Coldcuts - Hams, Bacon, Sausages, Lyoners, Mortadella 

- Raw Pork - Pork Baby Back Ribs, Pork Chops, Pork Tenderloin, Pork Belly 

                                                                             - Raw Poultry - Farmed Quails, Ducks, Turkey, Guinea Fowl. 

                                                                             - Poultry Cold Cuts - Smoked Turkey , Turkey Pastrami,

                                                                                Turkey Ham, Turkey Roll 

                                                                             - Australian Lamb Cuts - Boneless Leg, Rack Cap 

                                                                               Off/Frenched/Cap On, Shank, Tenderloin, Neck

Note: Prices are subject to change without any prior given notice.